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Spanish Wine
Barcelona isn’t just a city, it’s a lifestyle full of energy and culture. When I decided to move here, I wasn’t just looking forward to sunny days and beautiful buildings. I was excited to dive into the world of wine that’s deeply woven into Catalan life. Catalonia, where Barcelona is located, has a rich variety of wines to explore, from the rocky hills of Priorat to the lush vineyards of Penedès.
Each wine region has its unique scenery and flavors. Priorat is known for its rugged landscapes and ancient vines, while Penedès boasts rolling hills covered in green vineyards. But what makes exploring these wines even more exciting are the stories behind them. Every bottle has a tale to tell, from the dedicated winemakers who have been perfecting their craft for generations to the traditions passed down through centuries. Come, join me and work with me in Barcelona. Let’s explore the fascinating world of Catalan wine, where each sip is a journey through history and passion.
Hola! Gabby here, owner of Wine Fantasy Barcelona. As a South African wine enthusiast who fell head-over-heels for Spanish wines, I created Wine Fantasy Barcelona to share this passion with you. But Wine Fantasy Barcelona is more than just wine tours and tastings. It’s about crafting unforgettable experiences that go beyond the typical sip-and-go. It’s about immersing yourself in the rich tapestry of Catalan wine culture, from the sun-drenched vineyards to the passionate families behind each bottle.
And, beyond wine tours and tastings, I want to extend a special invitation: Let’s work with me in Barcelona!

Why Wine Fantasy Barcelona?

Are you thinking of visiting Barcelona, a city known for its rich culture, history, and food? While you’re there, why not explore the world of Spanish wine beyond the popular tourist spots like Sagrada Familia and tapas bars?
That’s where Wine Fantasy Barcelona comes in. We don’t just offer tours and tastings. We specialize in creating unforgettable wine experiences tailored to your preferences. Whether you’re a seasoned wine expert or a curious beginner, we’ll take you through the beautiful landscapes of Catalonia, introduce you to passionate winemakers, and help you discover the perfect wines to satisfy your palate.
But here’s the exciting part: we can do more than just wine! Work with me in Barcelona and unlock a world of possibilities
Now, I am looking to expand the Wine Fantasy family!
Are you…
  • A passionate wine lover desiring to share your knowledge and create memorable experiences for others?
  • Aspiring to build a career in the exciting world of wine tourism?
  • Dreaming of organizing bespoke wine tastings but needing guidance on where to begin?
  • If you answered yes to any of these, then Wine Fantasy Barcelona wants to work with YOU!
    We are not your average wine tour company! We create immersive experiences that go beyond the tasting room, taking our guests on a journey through the heart of Catalan wine country. We connect them with passionate winemakers, unveil the secrets behind the labels, and most importantly, help them discover wines that tantalize their taste buds.

    Working with Wine Fantasy Barcelona is more than a job; it's an adventure.

    Let me show you how you can work with me in Barcelona:

  • Become a Wine Experience Concierge
  • Are you someone who excels at crafting memorable experiences and fostering meaningful connections? If so, we invite you to join us as a Wine Experience Concierge at Wine Fantasy Barcelona! We would love to have individuals with a natural talent for curating personalized experiences and building rapport with people. In this role, you will undergo comprehensive training in the art of experience design, where you’ll acquire in-depth knowledge of Catalan wines, uncover hidden vineyard treasures, and hone your skills in tailoring tours, workshops, and events to meet the unique preferences of each client.
    Spanish Wine
    As a Wine Experience Concierge, you will have the opportunity to become the architect of unforgettable memories, leading guests on captivating journeys through the picturesque landscapes of Catalonia, introducing them to passionate winemakers, and ensuring that every wine-tasting is a moment of delightful discovery. If you’re ready to embark on a rewarding career where you can create lasting memories and share your passion for wine with others, join us as a Wine Experience Concierge and be part of an exciting adventure in wine tourism.

  • Wine Education Specialist
  • Are you someone who is enthusiastic about Spanish wines and loves the idea of sharing your knowledge with others? If so, becoming a Wine Education Specialist with us at Wine Fantasy Barcelona could be the perfect fit for you! In this role, you’ll have the exciting opportunity to lead interactive workshops where you’ll introduce people to the fascinating world of Spanish wines. From teaching them the basics of wine tasting to helping them understand the different grape varietals and wine regions in Spain, you’ll be their expert guide every step of the way.
    Your goal will be to make learning about wine fun and accessible for participants of all levels, using hands-on activities and engaging discussions to deepen their appreciation and understanding. Whether hosting a casual wine-tasting event or diving into the finer details of wine production, you’ll have the chance to inspire others and foster a love for Spanish wines in a supportive and inclusive environment. Join us as a Wine Education Specialist and embark on a rewarding journey of sharing your passion for wine with others while having a great time.

  • Vineyard & Cava Guide
  • Are you someone who craves adventure and loves to explore beyond the ordinary? If so, then joining us as a Vineyard & Cava Whisperer at Wine Fantasy Barcelona could be the perfect opportunity for you. In this role, you will lead guests on exclusive, behind-the-scenes experiences for a deeper insight into viticulture and enology. Picture yourself guiding guests through intimate barrel tastings, where they can get a sneak peek at upcoming vintages and experience the artistry of winemaking up close. You’ll also have the opportunity to arrange meet-and-greets with esteemed winemakers, allowing guests to connect with the passionate individuals behind the wines they love.
    Additionally, you’ll get to organize exciting vineyard scavenger hunts, turning exploration into a thrilling adventure as guests uncover hidden treasures among the vines. Your passion for storytelling and wine will shine through as you share the rich stories and histories that make each vineyard and cava unique. If you’re ready to embark on an exciting journey where you can combine your love of adventure with your passion for wine, then join us as a Vineyard & Cava Whisperer and be part of an unforgettable experience for our guests.

  • Collaborative Projects
  • Are you a visionary business owner with a passion for creating exceptional wine-centric events? Whether you’re the proprietor of a bustling restaurant, the director of a thriving cooking school, or an enterprising entrepreneur with a unique concept for a wine-tasting experience, Wine Fantasy Barcelona is eager to collaborate with you! As your dedicated Wine Event Co-conspirator, we offer extensive expertise and infrastructure to transform your vision into a spectacular reality. From meticulously selecting the perfect wines to curating a captivating theme that resonates with your audience, we’ll work closely with you to ensure every aspect of your event exceeds expectations.
    Together, we’ll craft an immersive and memorable experience that leaves a lasting impression on your guests, elevating your brand and setting the stage for future success. So, if you’re ready to embark on a collaborative journey that promises creativity, innovation, and unparalleled excellence, come work with me in Barcelona, where dreams become reality amidst the enchanting world of wine.

  • Career Opportunities
  • Are you passionate about wine and eager to start an exciting career in wine tourism? Look no further than Wine Fantasy Barcelona! We are continuously seeking enthusiastic individuals to join our dynamic team and contribute their unique talents to our mission of creating great experiences for our guests. Whether you’re a natural-born leader who loves guiding tours as a Trailblazer, a skilled event manager ready to orchestrate memorable experiences as a Maestro, or a customer service wizard dedicated to providing exceptional client experiences as a Magician, we have a position for you.
    At Wine Fantasy Barcelona, we believe in fostering a culture of growth and development, offering opportunities for both newcomers who are just beginning their journey in the wine industry and seasoned professionals looking to expand their knowledge and share their passion. Join us and be part of a team that is dedicated to creating lasting memories and celebrating the rich heritage of Spanish wines.
    With Wine Fantasy Barcelona, your passion for wine can blossom into a rewarding experience filled with exciting opportunities for growth and development. Whether you’re just beginning your journey in the wine industry or seeking to expand your expertise, we welcome individuals from all backgrounds to join our vibrant team.
    I’d love to hear from you and for you to work with me in Barcelona!
    Drop me a line and let’s chat about crafting the perfect role for you within the Wine Fantasy Barcelona family. Drop me a line and let’s start a conversation about crafting the perfect role for you within the Wine Fantasy Barcelona family. Together, we can create memorable experiences and celebrate the joy of wine in one of the most vibrant cities in the world.

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