Discover Best Restaurants To Eat At In Gràcia

For food lovers looking for an unmatched taste of Barcelona’s rich culinary heritage, the vibrant neighborhood of Gracia is a must-visit destination. While just steps from some of the city’s top attractions, this beautiful place has managed to preserve its proud Catalan traditions and local village atmosphere.

Imagine strolling through lively squares and winding streets, the air thick with the aroma of sizzling tapas, fresh-baked bread, and regional specialties. Gràcia is a haven for foodies, brimming with an incredible variety of eateries showcasing the diverse and delectable flavors of Catalonia.
Allow us to help you uncover Gràcia’s must-visit dining destinations.
Trust us, your taste buds will thank you!

1. Tangana Restaurant Barcelona

Finding an authentic tapas bar in Barcelona is a big search in itself, but finding a cool and modern place that offers fresh vibes is an even bigger win!
Tangana is a must-visit restaurant in Gracia that tops our list. It has quickly become a local favorite for its delicious small plates and buzzing ambiance. As soon as you walk in, you can feel Tangana’s youthful energy. The modern and open interior welcomes you to sit at the bar and observe the chefs as they carefully prepare each tapas dish. You can also choose to sit by the window and enjoy a prime view of Gracia’s bustling streets while sipping from a perfect glass of Spanish wine.
Tangana offers a carefully curated collection of wines that is sure to please even the most discerning wine enthusiasts. You can ask the friendly staff for recommendations as they are passionate about helping you find the perfect wine to complement your tapas experience. The menu at this trendy restaurant features classic Spanish tapas with a creative twist, guaranteeing a fresh and delicious experience every time.
Are you eager to experience the charm of Tangana?
Make sure you arrive early or make a reservation, as this popular spot is always busy!

2. Bocanariz Wine Bar

Have you ever found a place that looks small from the outside but feels magical once you step inside?
Bocanariz Wine Bar is one of those places. It’s a cozy and welcoming spot where regulars love to hang out, and newcomers come to discover something special. The cozy interior has a casual, lived-in vibe with shelves lined with enticing wine bottles and intimate tables. The staff here know a lot about wine and love sharing their knowledge. There are many wines to choose from, both by the glass and by the bottle, and the selection changes often. If you’re dining alone, don’t worry! Bocanariz will make you feel right at home.
Bocanariz boasts an impressive charcuterie selection complemented by an ever-changing cheese menu. The food at Bocanariz is amazing. It’s surprising how such elaborate and tasty dishes come out of the small kitchen.
Are you a wine lover, no matter your knowledge level? Bocanariz is the perfect place for you to try exciting new wines and enjoy a delightful meal. You might just find your new favorite spot in Gràcia!

3. Extra Bar

Have you ever been to a bar that offers a little something extra?
Extra Bar in Gràcia is just that place. It has a daily changing menu of small plates, perfect for sharing. With no more than 15 seats, it’s a cozy spot with bar-height seating facing the wall, the kitchen, or in a communal style. Extra Bar follows the trend of small, flexible gastro bars in Barcelona. The bar reflects the seasons and gives freedom to the people who cook and choose the wine.
At Extra Bar, only two people are running the show. Marc, the sommelier and waiter, and Richie in the kitchen. Both handle everything, including cleaning the plates. Marc takes orders, gives wine advice, and clips the orders to the extractor hood for Richie. Together, they keep the bar running smoothly. The dishes range from cold plates like shrimp tartar to freshly cooked items like battered squid or razor clams. The service is a delicate balance, with both Marc and Richie constantly taking the initiative to keep everything moving.
Extra Bar is a great place for lunch on Saturdays, the only lunchtime they’re open. Evenings can get busy, so be prepared to wait since they don’t take reservations. Love it, only that Richi under Extra Bar is now Fer, a young and enthusiastic chef.
If you want to enjoy a friendly, local atmosphere and a menu that’s always changing, go to Extra Bar!

4. Viblioteca

Are you a fan of cheese and wine?
Viblioteca is the perfect place for you. This cozy bar combines a love for cheese and wine in a warm and inviting atmosphere. At Viblioteca, you can enjoy dinner with friends or a romantic evening with over 60 different types of cheese and a wide variety of dishes.
Viblioteca offers cheeses from small producers in various countries, including Spain, France, Switzerland, and Italy. The selection is always changing, so there’s always something new and exciting to try. Their menu is designed to surprise and delight guests with unique and high-quality cheeses.
Wine lovers will also be thrilled with Viblioteca’s extensive selection. With over 150 national wines and a list of wines by the glass that changes every month, there’s always a new wine to discover.
If you want to enjoy delicious cheese, amazing wine, and a cozy atmosphere that will make your evening special, visit Viblioteca.

5. Rafaeli Ristorante

Do you want an authentic Italian taste in Barcelona?
Rafaeli offers an unforgettable experience filled with the colors, aromas, and flavors of authentic Italian cuisine. This warm and welcoming restaurant provides impeccable service and captures the essence of Italian gastronomy and culture. Rafaeli brings the highest quality ingredients from Italy to Barcelona. You’ll Enjoy delights like mozzarella di bufala, prosciutto San Daniele, Parmigiano-Reggiano, truffles, and freshly prepared pasta, all combined with the freshest local produce. The restaurant also offers a carefully selected range of Italian and domestic wines to complement your meal, following Italian tradition.
Rafaeli Ristorante features three distinct dining areas: Gioia Space for a fresh, informal experience with friends, Viola Space for warm and intimate dinners, and Greta Space for exclusive, private gatherings. The refined cuisine, impeccable service, and harmonious atmosphere create a dining experience you’ll want to repeat.
If you’re looking for one of the best Italian restaurants in Barcelona, Rafaeli is the place to be.
Come and fall in love with Italian food all over again!

6. La Pubilla

Finding a truly authentic restaurant in a city full of modern and trendy spots can be challenging, but La Pubilla stands out as an emblem of Catalan tradition.
La Pubilla has been a beloved spot for many years. Proudly Catalan, the restaurant offers a menú del día in Catalan only, encouraging guests to engage with the friendly staff. This approach not only facilitates ordering but also enhances the dining experience with a personal touch.
La Pubilla serves three different menus throughout the day—breakfast, lunch, and dinner—each renewed daily based on fresh market ingredients. Known for their “Fork Breakfasts,” La Pubilla offers hearty morning options like cod with romesco or Catalan sausages, perfect for those who enjoy a substantial meal at 10 AM. With seasonal and locally produced ingredients, dishes like plump anchovies on Pa amb Tomàquet and skate wing with blackened butter and capers highlight their commitment to quality. With its informal atmosphere and reasonably priced menú del día, La Pubilla is the go-to restaurant for a genuine Catalan culinary experience in Barcelona!

7. Hermos Bar a Peix

Hermós Bar a Peix is a fantastic spot for seafood lovers!
With only a few seats available, this fish bar, headed by chef Alexis Peñalver, offers a wide variety of fish like tuna, sardines, squid, mussels, and sea bass, all prepared with the basics of Catalan cuisine and a modern twist. Despite its simplicity, Hermós provides a magnificent meal experience, making it well worth the visit.
At Hermós, customers sit on stools around the counter, enjoying a direct view of the bustling kitchen. The team behind Extra Bar and La Pubilla ensures that every dish reflects a mix of tradition, expertise, and creativity. Peñalver prepares the cold dishes, Carlos manages the grill, and Sara selects the perfect wines, balancing local authenticity with something special for each guest.
If you’re looking for an excellent seafood experience in a lively market setting, Hermós Bar a Peix is the place to be!
So, there you have it!
This is a glimpse of the great food you can enjoy in Gràcia. You’ll find innovative fusion cuisine as well as comforting dishes for every taste and dietary need.
Get ready to discover the best places to eat in Gràcia. This lively neighborhood is waiting to delight your taste buds and create unforgettable dining experiences.
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