Meet The Owner

Meet The Owner Gabby
Based in Barcelona, Wine Fantasy is the brainchild of owner Gabby Rossouw – a South African wine-lover with a passion for Spanish wine. Wine Fantasy run wine tasting sessions in the heart of Barcelona and vineyard tours into the Catalonia countryside, where plump grapes flourish on the vine in the warm Mediterranean sunshine.
We caught up with Gabby recently for a little inside info on how her company came about, why Spanish wine in particular, and what she loves most about the brilliant work she does

Hey Gabby, so to kick things off, when and how did you first come up with the idea for Wine Fantasy Barcelona?

That’s why Wine Fantasy exists; to allow you to enjoy the best quality wines, and pair them with delicious local produce. My goal is to provide you with an easy booking process, and a trustworthy service. WFB makes it easy to get out of the city, I pick you up and drop you off, making sure you have the best wine experience.

What is it about Spanish wine in particular that has won your heart? Countries like France, New Zealand, Italy, the US, and of course your native South Africa make spectacular wines, so why Spain?!

I moved to Barcelona to be closer to my sister and study Catalonian wine. As a lifelong wine lover, there is so much to love about Catalonia! I’ve always been into food and wine, and it wasn’t long after moving here that I realized just how much Catalonian wines have to offer. It’s a matter of passion – something I have a lot of. I believe it was a Trepat that totally stole my heart one day, and from there on I was hooked.

You’ve talked in other blogs about your top 10 Spanish wines. But if you could only drink one specific wine for the rest of your life, what would it be, and why?

Tough one, but ok, the Entre Mans Trepat 2020 vintage by bodegas Sant Miquel d’Oló. Hits the spot every time, though only 398 bottles produced!

We really enjoyed reading about your favorite wineries in Catalonia. What is it that makes these wineries so special to you?

I love supporting people who I share wine connections with, and all the wineries I visit are selected because of the kind and loving people I’ve met. I’ve visited many of them a number of times, and will always support them through my WFB vineyard tours.

There are so many beautiful wineries in Catalonia, it must be difficult to choose the best ones to visit. How do you select the wineries that you work with?

I have chosen these wineries because they offer top-quality tours of their winery and cellar, and at both wineries the quality of wine and food is excellent. Both wineries are on beautiful properties, with wonderfully special wine tastings. I’ve enjoyed both of these tours myself and thought they were amazing.

Could you share a memorable experience or story from one of your wine tours?

One special memory is playing music at Plana den Jan and dancing in the cellar. We were a group of about 10 people, and it was the best way to end a Sunday!

What can people who book a tour with you expect from the experience?

My guests can expect professional and polite service from start to finish. WFB works with partners in the wine world that are always professional, and offer great wine tastings.
Both tours start with pickup at your hotel, followed by a peaceful, safe, and scenic drive by comfortable vehicle to beautiful wine farms for luxury wine tastings. Guests can be expected to be wowed at both venues – each has its own unique magic.
After a short introduction to the winery, guests will go on the tour of cellar at both wineries, followed by the tasting and explanation of the wines in production.
ach visit is different – both have exquisite properties and make really great wines in the Penedès region. After the tasting, guests can shop for wine before we return back to Barcelona.

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