Discover the Essence of Spanish Wines with Our Private Barcelona Wine Tasting Experience

Private Barcelona
Are you ready to explore the rich flavors of Spanish wines? We are here to offer you a cozy and casual private Barcelona wine-tasting adventure right in the heart of the city.
Our elegant wine store is not just a place; it’s an experience that begins with a warm greeting from your host, Gabby, a certified WSET level-3 sommelier. Her passion for wine is contagious!
Our private tastings, which we’ve proudly offered for nearly a decade, include a curated selection of Spanish reds and whites. These are perfectly paired with an assortment of local cheeses to enhance your tasting experience. Whether you’re a wine novice or a seasoned enthusiast, you’ll find something to love as you sip on traditional favorites and discover new gems that are making a splash in the wine world.

What We Offer

A Personalized 2-Hour Wine Tasting Experience in a Venue Like No Other

Our private Barcelona wine tasting sessions are intimate and meant to foster relaxation and enjoyment among friends. The tasting includes a thoughtfully selected array of wines that represent the rich viticultural heritage of Spain. Besides this, Gabby’s expertise and enthusiasm create a welcoming and informative atmosphere. Her insights into the wine-making process and keen pairing suggestions make each tasting not just fun but also educational.
At Wine Fantasy Barcelona, we believe that the setting of your wine tasting impacts the enjoyment as much as the wine itself. The interior of our store is thoughtfully designed to evoke both elegance and comfort, making it an ideal backdrop for our intimate wine tastings. Soft lighting casts a warm glow over sleek, modern furnishings and rustic decor elements that hint at the rich history of Spanish winemaking. We’ve created a space that feels both inviting and exclusive, providing an escape from the bustling city life just outside our doors.
Would you like to enjoy a memorable evening filled with the best wines Spain has to offer?

A Personalized 2-Hour Wine Tasting Experience in a Venue Like No Other

A Generous Selection of Wines
More Wine, More Fun! We offer an enriching wine tasting that goes beyond ordinary expectations. We go beyond the standard three-wine tasting formula, which is a traditional tasting that often limits guests. It, of course, can provide a good snapshot but might not capture the full panorama of what Spanish viticulture has to offer. To truly embrace the diversity and richness of Spain’s wines, we enhance your experience by presenting four distinct selections, each hand-picked to showcase a different aspect of the country’s winemaking power. Each wine is paired with a complementary cheese, highlighting subtle notes and flavors.

We Welcome Special Requests and Offer Customizable Schedules

We are dedicated to making your wine tasting experience as personal and flexible as possible. and we would love to deliver on your special request to ensure that your private Barcelona wine tasting experience is not just enjoyable but also convenient.
Our standard wine-tasting sessions are available every day from 7 PM to 9 PM, except on Sundays. We understand that your schedule might be tight or you might prefer a different time to start your experience. That’s why we offer the flexibility to adjust session timings to any time slot before 9 PM, as our store closes at 9 PM. Whether it’s an early start to your evening or a pre-dinner wine discovery, we will do our best to accommodate your timing preferences so your experience is both enjoyable and convenient.
Do you have a particular theme in mind or a special event to celebrate?
From birthday celebrations and anniversaries to corporate gatherings and casual get-togethers, we can tailor every aspect of your wine tasting to enhance your event. If you require specific wines, themed decorations, or even a personalized tasting menu, just let us know. We are here to make sure that every detail is taken care of, allowing you to relax and enjoy the company of your guests in a truly bespoke setting.
Ready to customize your wine tasting? Let us know how we can make your private Barcelona wine tasting perfect for you.

Choose Us for an Intimate and Personal Experience

With a minimum of two and a maximum of eight guests per session, our tastings are designed to be intimate, with each guest getting personal attention. This small group setting ensures that each guest can interact with the host, ask questions, and fully engage in the experience without feeling overcrowded.
Ever curious about how the region’s climate influences the flavor of its wine? Or why does a particular cheese enhance the taste of a certain wine? These are just some of the insights Gabby shares during the tasting, making each sip an educational delight.

Are you ready to explore the vibrant tastes of Barcelona?

Just imagine an evening filled with engaging stories, laughter around the table, and a glass of the finest Spanish wine in your hand!
Isn’t it the perfect way to connect with friends or make new ones while enjoying the beautiful nuances of Spain’s best offerings?
Join us at Wine Fantasy Barcelona for an unforgettable private Barcelona wine tasting evening.
Reserve your spot today and let us show you why every drink from our collection has a purpose.
Cheers to discovering your new favorite wine in the heart of Barcelona!

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